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Legion Yupo Polypropylene Paper
Legion Yupo Watercolor Paper

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Yupo Watercolor paper is a synthetic paper that is machine-made in the USA with 100% polypropylene. Using this material for making the paper gives it a surface that repels water. Yupo is waterproof, stain resistant and durable. It has a bright white smooth finish that gives artists the flexibility to work with it in many different ways to give it a unique and creative result.

Yupo is very smooth and it gives it a unique feeling when you are to draw or paint on it than traditional watercolor paper. Another unique trait for this paper is the surface may be wiped clean to restore the original white of the sheet. This is a fantastic feature for beginner artists. Yupo also is great for more advanced artists and experimental artists as its uniqueness allows the artists to have a different perspective when creating works of art.

Yupo slick, smooth nonabsorbent features will give the artist a drastic change in the way you would traditional paint, print or draw. This sheet of paper allows you to be able to capture artist techniques that are impossible on conventional watercolor and drawing papers.

Another unique trait is Yupo's ability to for lifting. It has the ability to return to a painting and redo areas over and over even if it has been months since you touched the work of art as water activates the paint. You are able to build layers of paint like an oil painter does on a canvas. Then you are able to remove them to reveal the white of the sheet. Once your art is fully complete you can spray it with matte-clear finishing spray to seal and protect it. Keep in mind to only do this after your works of art is finalized as it is very difficult to make changes after it has been sealed.

You may use Yupo for Acrylic painting, alcohol inks, debossing, monotype, offset, oil pastels, pencil/graphite, silkscreen, watercolor and sumi-e ink.

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125-0010-0009 Legion Yupo Bulk Box, 11 x 14 (50 Sheets) 74 lbs Medium - White
$ 86.99
125-0010-0008 Legion Yupo Bulk Box, 9 x 12 (50 Sheets) 74 lbs Medium - White
$ 61.99
125-0010-0001 Legion Yupo Paper, 20 x 26 158 gsm / 58 lbs - White
$ 3.21
125-0010-0002 Legion Yupo Paper, 20 x 26 200 gsm / 74 lbs - White
$ 3.62
125-0010-0003 Legion Yupo Paper, 20 x 26 390 gsm / 144 lbs - White
$ 6.45
125-0010-0005 Legion Yupo Paper, 25 x 38 104 lbs - Translucent
$ 6.31
125-0010-0004 Legion Yupo Paper, 26 x 40 158 gsm / 58 lbs - White
$ 5.75
125-0010-0006 Legion Yupo Paper, 26 x 40 74 lbs - White
$ 6.22
125-0010-0011 Legion Yupo Roll, 30" x 10 yards, Translucent
$ 100.00
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