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Tengucho White Tengucho 25 x 38, 10 gsm White

Tengucho 25 x 38, 10 gsm White is the thinnest paper made in Japan. This paper is primarily produced for conservation and restoration of documents. Tengucho paper can also be used for book covering. This paper is acid-free and machine made of pure kozo pulp with cut edges

Cosmos Blotting Designed for moisturizing printmaker paper before a printing or to remove excess moisture from a final printing. Cosmos Blotting - White 24 x 38, 360 gsm

Cosmos Blotting comes in 24" x 38" is totally unsized (meaning no internal or external sizing) with a heavy weight of 360 gsm. This paper is primarily used for dampening art paper in preparation for printing. You place two sheets of this paper in-between the printing paper you are wanting to print on. The Cosmos Blotting is damp/wet and you typically leave this laying overnight so the printing paper will take in enough moisture.

Cosmos Blotting can also be used to help remove dampening printmaking paper. If you print on a paper and it is still quite damp, you can place it between two sheets of Cosmos Blotting. This will pull the wetness from the print.

This paper is made in the USA from high alpha cellulose. It has a rough surface and very absorbent. This paper has also been used for other art projects such as, paper-casting or molding shapes and sculpture pieces.

Okawara Student Grade Okawara Student Grade White, 18 x 25, 51 gsm

Okawara Student Grade White, 18 x 25, 51 gsm this is acid free and handmade of kozo and hemp fibers with 4 deckle edges and a laid finish. Okawara Student Grade is a relative thick Japanese paper making it deal for book arts, printmaking, conservation and brush painting.

kozo natural select Awagami Kozo Natural Select 17 x 20, 46 gsm

Awagami Kozo Natural Select 17 x 20, 46 gsm is crafted with 80% kozo and 20% high alpha cellulose. This paper is unique in its texture making it exceptionally strong but still rather flexible.

Due to this texture of paper it is suitable for numerous type of art projects such as intaglio, mixed media works, bookbinding and art restoration.

In addition the Awagami Kozo Natural Select may be used by artists for a wide range of techniques from ink to printmaking to drawing.

Kozo Natural Awagami Kozo 25" x 38" 46 gsm Natural

Kozo 25" x 38" is 46 gsm and has a natural color. This paper is exceptionally strong for its weight and has long fiber deckled edges.

This paper can be used for a variety of different art projects: intaglio, mixed media works, bookbinding, restoration, drawing, painting and printmaking.